YUM: Adding DVD Repositories to a Red Hat Enterprise

For this tutorial, it assumes that the mount point of your DVD is on /media/DVD

[root@vm2 ~]# umount /media/RHEL_5.5\ i386\ DVD/
[root@vm2 ~]# mkdir -p /media/DVD
[root@vm2 ~]# mount /dev/hdc /media/DVD

Basically, I want to add Clustering Repositories to my RHEL 5.5 because it was not included on the installation.

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/rhel-cd-Cluster.repo

Append the following to this file:

name=Red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever – $basearch – Debug

name=Red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever – $basearch – Debug

name=Red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever – $basearch – Debug

Install group Clustering by doing a:

yum groupinstall “Clustering”

Done 🙂 it will also resolve the dependencies.

import java.io.FileOutputStream;
import java.io.InputStream;

import oracle.adf.view.faces.model.UploadedFile;

public class UploadedFileLocal {
private UploadedFile uploadedFile;
private String filename;
private long filesize;
private String filecontents;
private String filetype;
FileOutputStream out;
InputStream in;

* @return
public UploadedFile getUploadedFile() {
return uploadedFile;

public void setFilename(String filename) {
this.filename = filename;

public String getFilename() {
return filename;

public void setFilesize(long filesize) {
this.filesize = filesize;

public long getFilesize() {
return filesize;

public void setFilecontents(String filecontents) {
this.filecontents = filecontents;

public String getFilecontents() {
return filecontents;

public void setFiletype(String filetype) {
this.filetype = filetype;

public String getFiletype() {
return filetype;

public void setOutputStream(FileOutputStream out) {
this.out = out;

public FileOutputStream getOutputStream() {
return out;

public void setInputStream(InputStream in) {
this.in = in;

public InputStream getInputStream() {
return in;

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