How to Install & Configure FTP Server on CentOS 6.2

I recently upgraded the server to CentOS 6.2 x64, which involved backing up to another server, clean re-install with cherokee’s latest version and some other configurations. Among those, was the ftp configuration which has been made by vsftpd.

The installation is quite straight-foward, run the following in a terminal as root:

yum install vsftpd

You will need to modify a few parameters in your configuration file to get it running smoothly.

vi /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf


Set the following:


uncomment the following:








In this process, the user’s home directory will become FTP home directory, which is what we want really.

You need to create an ftp chroot list in /etc/vsftpd/chrootlist by:

vi /etc/vsftpd/chrootlist

Add the ftp created user in this file.

service vsftpd start


Gulshan Yashveer Beejan

Gulshan holds a BSc(Hons) Computer Science with Distributed systems from the City University of London. He is currently working at DSOGroup(Mauritius) as a Linux Administrator on SaaS Solutions. More about Gulshan

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