HTML PHP Special Characters showing question mark

I was developing a french website for a customer yesterday and at the same time, when I was templating the site to php, I found out that all the french accents got turned into a question mark, �  <– this really..

What’s wrong?

I already had UTF-8 in my headers

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

and it was still not working.


It turns out that I had not saved the file in UTF-8, so I had to open up Notepad++ which is my main coding IDE, and go to Encoding -> Convert to UTF-8 without BOM


Gulshan Yashveer Beejan

Gulshan holds a BSc(Hons) Computer Science with Distributed systems from the City University of London. He is currently working at DSOGroup(Mauritius) as a Linux Administrator on SaaS Solutions. More about Gulshan

3 thoughts on “HTML PHP Special Characters showing question mark

  1. That’s why it’s better to use Notepad++ instead of Dreamweaver 😀 😀 .. I got this problem some days ago -_- !

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